How to work on with VPN

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Here is the question how to work??

For registration and work on this website, you have to use any type of VPN with the US or any European country server. If you are from Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh you can’t access this website directly. If you do that you will be redirected to this page.

Work with Mobile

If you are working with mobile on you just need to install a VPN.

First Install VPN from the play store.

After, open the VPN and connect to the USA server.

After connecting with VPN open the website. And login to your account.

Latest jobs

Three jobs are available on at this moment.

In this job, the website gives you different ads to watch like Google ads and other ad networks. These ads are unlimited. Per Ad watch, you will earn 0.005$.

In this job, the website gives you different youtube videos to watch. You can watch hundreds of videos per day there is no restriction on watching videos. Per Video watch, you will earn 0.04$

  • Ads clicking job

In this job, the website gives you different Ads to click. There is also no restriction on clicking ads. Per Ad click, you will earn 0.002$.

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