Five(5) easiest steps to get instant Adsense approval – step by step guide [in 2022]

After making a website or blog everyone wants to get AdSense approval and earn money, there are lots of ways to earn money through blogging but Google Adsense is one of the best platforms to earn decent money through blogging. In this article, I will tell you how to earn through Adsense and how to get AdSense approval for your blog or website.

How to get Adsense approval?

how to get adsense approval

so basically what does Google Adsense pay for? Google Adsense is an ad network that places ads on our website or blog for which they pay us. Now you know what is AdSense, but for placing ads in your blog you need to get Adsense approval first. I will guide you step by step to get AdSense approval for a new blog. there are easy 5 steps to get AdSense approval to let’s see –

Adsense approval

first of all, you should have your own blog or website to participate in Google Adsense, after owning a website you need to participate in Google AdSense there are some eligibility criteria for that u need to full fill their criteria, and after you will be able to participate in AdSense.

Your blog should have its own unique content don’t use copied content, AdSense will never accept your site on copied content so try to write unique and interesting content for your blog and you should be 18+ for applying for Adsense if you don’t then not a problem you can make an account on your parent’s name and the basic things what you need to do, before applying for AdSense you need to create some pages on your website like Privacy policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us, Terms & Condition without this page google will never accept your AdSense approval.

Your website should be 6 months old, you should have good domain extension like .com, .in  because google accept this domain extension first than other extension and it is not mandatory that you are getting good traffic or not you can get AdSense approval in zero traffic also but before applying for Google AdSense make sure that you have a good quantity of blog post on your site you should have minimum 12-15 blog post on your site and every blog post should be 800-1000 words.

After doing the setup of your website –

  1. Make Adsense account
  2. Get code and put into your website
  3. Wait for Adsense approval 
  4. Once approved place ads 
  5. Earn money 
  1. Make Adsense account

For making Adsense account you need to visit:-

after visiting the site you will get this page, so you are making a new account so you need to simply click on sign up and once you click on sign up the next page will come up where you need to sign in to your Gmail account, put your Gmail id and password and click on next button.

google adsense

Now you need to put your some of your details like your website URL and your email address the interface will look like this which is given below

Google adsense

2. Get code & put it into your website

  • After submitting your information click on save and continue than one code will appear there you need to simply put that code into head section of your website. Worry ?? How to put that code into your site relax… Go to your WordPress dashboard search for

Appearance>Theme editor>header.php

Now you need to simply copy that code and paste it in between <head> and </head>.

3. Wait for Adsense approval

Now it will take hardly two weeks to review your site and once you get AdSense approval you will be able to place ads on your site and one thing is always to remember is that you need to keep posting until you get Adsense approval.

Google adsense

now once you get the approval you can place ads on your site like below.

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