10 of Our Best Personal Finance Hacks of 2021 So Far


It’s tough to agree with we’re already midway thru 2021 because it looks like we simply crawled out of the smoking crater that changed into 2020. In phrases of private finance, the pandemic changed worse than the 2008 monetary disaster for maximum Americans, affecting the whole thing together with employment, retirement savings, and the value of living. In 2021, a good deal of Lifehacker’s private finance insurance remains associated with the monetary fallout from the pandemic, presenting guidelines and recommendations on a way to find navigate the tax credits, comfort programs, and the monetary uncertainty of a nonetheless-shaky monetary recovery. Here’s an examination of our maximum beneficial posts that could nonetheless prevent money.

Student mortgage forgiveness has been a front-burner subject matter due to the fact President Biden became elected remaining November, and the largest query has been whether or not blanket debt forgiveness of $50,000 might occur with Democrats controlling Congress. While a great deal can nevertheless occur whilst Biden is in office, the solution appears to be no—it’s more likely that Biden will keep to red meat up debt forgiveness thru current federal scholar mortgage programs. This submit explains what you want to know.

The pandemic shut down factories, which caused car shortages, leading to sky-high prices for both new and used cars. It has been and remains a terrible time to buy a car, although the market might soften up later this year. This post walks you through some tips on buying a car when you’re stuck in a seller’s market.

“What are NFTs?” become the huge query in early 2021, because the growth in retail making an investment made it tough to recognize whether or not the trendy funding craze become a fad or the destiny of commerce. NFTs provide a manner to acquire and very own virtual media, whether or not that’s withinside the shape of a sports activities spotlight or a unique comic strip with the aid of using a well-known artist, and the marketplace has blown up, ensuing in billions of greenbacks in transactions thus far in 2021. Whether or now no longer the marketplace is sustainable long-time period is every other matter and the concern of this post.

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